Coming to Katerini Beach the National Championship of OPTIMIST U13 boats – At the same time the 1th SeaWay Festival is organized


Katerini,   18/03/2022



Coming to Katerini Beach

the National Championship of OPTIMIST U13 boats

At the same time the 1st SeaWay Festival is organized


The National Championship of OPTIMIST U13 Boats, for ages from 7 to 12 years old, will be hosted by Paralia Katerini on 16-20 April, organized by the Hellenic Sailing Federation and the Katerini Yacht Club (N.O.KAT.), with the kind support of the Holy Metropolis of Kitros, Katerini and Platamonos, the Regional Unity of Pieria and the Municipality of Katerini.

In less than a month, the golden shores of Paralia Katerini will welcome more than 600 athletes, coaches, chaperones and parents from all over Greece, while the championship and the parallel events, such as the SeaWay Festival, are expected to attract thousands of people.

“It is an honour and a distinction for NOCAT and for Pieria to be awarded the organization of the OPTIMIST U13 National Boat Championship. This is the Panhellenic Cup for 11-year-olds which was upgraded to a championship and is now held every year. N.O.KAT. has the experience, the know-how and the appropriate human resources to handle even the most demanding event. Together with our partners we work feverishly to provide athletes, coaches, chaperones and spectators with the best possible experience. At the same time, the Sea Way Festival is being held near the N.O.KAT. facilities to complement and enhance this event. We thank the Metropolis of Kitros, the Regional Unit of Pieria and the Municipality of Katerini for being on our side from the very first moment and all the businesses that are recipients of our sponsorship proposal”, said Kostas Karyotis, President of NOCAT.


The SeaWay Festival

The SeaWay Festival will be held for the first time in facilities near the Yacht Club, which will present to the public products and services of sponsors related to the sport and the sea. There will also be a special food and drink area (food festival) and outdoor activities for young and old (treasure hunts, horse riding, sand games, etc.). Soon, the organisers will present the full programme and exhibits of the first Sea Way Festival.

A few words about N.O.KAT.

For six decades, the Katerini Yacht Club has been the only active Yacht Club in the prefecture of Pieria. Some of the greatest Greek athletes in sailing and rowing have emerged from the ranks of the Club, such as Katerina Nikolaidou, 4th in the 2016 Rio Olympics, two-time European champion and with 8 world gold, silver and bronze medals in respective races under her belt, Olympic champion Kostas Karyotis and fourth in the Youth Olympics Thomas Karamitros and Nikos Kakouris. During the years of its operation, it has contributed many times and is constantly trying to create environmental awareness and raise the level of marine safety among its athletes and members, through a concerted effort of information, training and mobilization of everyone: from the teacher, the school gymnast, the teacher, the coach, up to the last athlete. Many times he organized beach clean-ups, training seminars of marine search and rescue, actively participated in the “dolphin road” program in cooperation with the Katerini Port Authority.