Recognizing the peculiarities of the current era and the advantages offered by technological development, we implement, in addition to face-to-face, hybrid and virtual events.

The months of the covid-19 pandemic seem to have shown the usefulness of hybrid learning. Hybrid learning, , refers to learning situations where  one part of the group is present in the same classroom while the others participate virtually.

Training courses for both adults and children, training courses, large-scale group teleconferences in remote parts of the world, but where not everyone could be physically present, while others participated virtually from their homes and workplaces.

Also companies around the world are now seeking more and more customers in virtual ways, and generally ways of approaching them that they hadn’t thought of adopting in the past. This can be achieved through online events.

In a recent survey, it is reported that the scale of virtual events is global and large, with the aim of not stopping after the pandemic. The prospect of evolution is growing, as 90% of the public claims to continue to participate in virtual events. So virtual events are here to stay!


Event Planning, Coordination & Production

  • Event & program flow planning
  • Preparation of coordinator/presenter
  • Mapping out event roles and responsibilities
  • Create interaction points (check in, icebreaker, games, etc.)
  • Fine-tune the content flow
  • Direction & decoration Studio
  • Technical support to participants

Event Marketing & Communication

  • Create a communication plan (teasers, press release and media coverage, social media plan, email marketing, website promotion, etc.)
  • Event promotion (before, during, and after)
  • Create contact points for networking attendees (e.g. linkedIn group)
  • Promotion through Impact Hub Athens channels

Technical equipment

  • Provision & availability of basic equipment: Cameras & microphones, audio mixer
  • Provision & adaptation of lighting for needs
  • Provision of software & broadcasting platform
  • Provision of software and equipment for the event
  • Live Streaming Channel
  • Provision of space & rehearsal support

Digital Hospitality (Webinar or Meeting Room)

  • Managing individual digital teams (part of the online workshop process)
  • Coordination
  • Management of online chats

Event Results & Report

  • Capture information & related content from the event, information for participants, Q&A
  • Written collection of results (harvesting)

Management of event records

  • Preparatory kit
  • Registration form
  • Digital personalised invitations
  • Platform links