Discover your MYthic paTHS

“MYthic paTHS”-the title describing this sustainable touristic proposal-can be interpreted in two ways: on the one hand, it refers to the Olympus area, its diversity, and breathtaking beauty that gave birth to the myth of the 12 Gods of Olympus. On the other hand, it refers to the touristic experiences, where visitors -by learning about the myths, history, culture, folklore, and people of the region- have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be part of an unforgettable and mythical journey. Thus, they “discover themselves” whilst being away from the pressure of everyday life. They also get to have an overall picture of the past and modern history of the place they are visiting, gain new experiences and try different tastes and explore “mythical” places of indescribable beauty in alternating green and blue landscapes (mountain – sea). Through this touristic concept, the visitors will fully appreciate the area and will have a unique travel experience filled with authentic activities, aiming to help them not only relax by exploring new destinations but also to broaden their horizons, nurture their spirit, acquire new skills, understand the world and the environment, taste, feel, have fun in a new and sustainable way.


Available tours

Live your Myth

Mt Olympus has always challenged those who have stood before it. Home of the 12 Olympian gods, it was first scaled in 1913. Are you ready to conquer its many peaks, valleys, and ravines to face Zeus?

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Artistic MΥthic paTHS

Embrace the heart of Greece with an artistic perspective. For art lovers and people that are fond of culture. Meet the art of Greeks from antiquity to the present and inspire your life.

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Live Like Locals

The participants will be warmly welcomed by the local residents, opening their homes and hearts and offering genuine Greek hospitality.

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Olympus, Pieria and the coastline of the Thermaicos Gulf are ideal for those who want a travel option of mental and physical wellness – uplifting. It is certain that they will experience the Greek well-being “ef zeen”.

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Cultural MYthic paTHS

The visitor will receive an authentic experience of cultural and traditions linked to the area where to enjoy the endless vibrant blue and green colours of the Olympus area.

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Adventurus MYthic paTHS

Activities on the mountain and the sea where the visitor will have the opportunity to get to know the attractions of the region in a unique way, organized by experienced professionals.

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All the best landmarks in the area. From the world-famous Mountain Olympus to Dion Archaeological Park, the amazing Royal Tombs of Aigai (tombs of Phillip II), Alexander the Great, and the White Tower of Thessaloniki. More than 2000 years of history.

  • Learn all about the Greek Gods and Heroes and discover the historical events behind their myths.
  • Explore the Region of Central Macedonia.
  • Enjoy spectacular views, discover secret
    paths, follow arts, crafts, culture, history, and language workshops, and taste local flavors.

Slow Tourism And Sustainability

  • An excellent destination to visit all year round avoiding mass tourism, where you have the opportunity to discover your true self.
  • Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impact, addressing the needs of visitors and locals as well as protecting the environment.
  • Environment-friendly transportation services such as eco-vehicles, bicycles, electric bikes, and sea boats.
  • Itineraries that present less-traveled routes and hidden gems (secret paths).
  • Cultural-oriented tours.
  • Fresh culinary products from local producers and suppliers.
    Local gastronomy promoted. Top Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Tour guides and mountain leaders are reputable local experts treating the environment and local communities with respect.
  • The accommodation properties are local and family-run businesses such as farmhouses, country homes, cottages, campsites, small hotels, etc. cozy, quaint, and romantic places.
  • A strong taste of the local hospitality, honoring the spirit of the ancient Greek God Zeus.
  • Language, art, and crafts workshops.
  • Since the proposal is addressed to families, children are educated to build a mindset promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly course of action. Among other things, there are activities offered to reinforce their physical and mental health, nurture their spirit, and help them develop skills, as children are the future travelers.
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