Adventurus MYthic paTHS

Activities on the mountain and the sea where the visitor will have the opportunity to get to know the attractions of the region in a unique way, organized by experienced professionals.

6 or 8 or 10 nights / 7 or 9 or 11 days

Activities on the mountain and the sea where the visitors will have the opportunity to get to know the attractions of the region in a unique way, organized by experienced professionals. Holidays and adventure for the whole family in the mythical land of Olympus- Pieria, and the crystal blue waters of Aegean Sea. Discover the hidden treasures of Mount Olympus, such as ascetics and caves, and enjoy canyoning – kayaking in the waterfalls and lakes. Visit the archaeological sites and learn about the rich mythology and history of the area – from antiquity to the present day. “Conquer” the Castle of Platamonas and admire the breathtaking view to the coastline of Olympus. Cycle among the vineyards, cherry trees and fruit trees. The mountain herbs and the authenticity of the local products will enchant your senses. Activities for the whole family with the possibility of a local guide to lead you, introducing you to the culture, its legends, history and lifestyle of a divine place. A night-day trip to the epic land of Olympus, Pieria, and Thessaloniki by bike, boat, and on foot.

Discover the endless green and blue of the Olympus area. Hiking, mountaineering, climbing, canyoning, kayaking, horseback riding, paragliding, extreme sports for kids and adults, ranging in difficulty, on Mount Olympus – Pieria and the coastline of Olympus. Activities on the mountain and the sea where the visitors will have the opportunity to get to know the attractions of the region in a unique way, organized by experienced professionals.


  • Discover the endless green and blue of the Olympus area.
  • Hiking, mountaineering, canyoning, horseback riding, paragliding, sightseeing, extreme sports for kids and adults, ranging in difficulty, on Mount Olympus, Pieria, the coast of the Thermaicos gulf.


  • Eco friendly vehicles
  • Bike friendly and green key accommodation
  • Guides are from the surrounding villages
  • The participants are small groups
  • Organic and local food products
DAY 1:
Mt Olympus – LITOCHORO village

Arrival at “Macedonia” airport (SKG) in Thessaloniki. Welcoming at the airport and transfer by eco minivan to small city of Litochoro, at the foot of Mt Olympus. We travel through the city of Thessaloniki to the imposing mountain of the 12 gods of Ancient Greek Mythology.
Arrival in Litochoro after about 1,5 hours, welcome and check-in at the hotel inside the settlement.
Free time for a leisurely walk in the picturesque alleys of Litochoro.
Dinner in a tavern with traditional Greek cuisine.

DAY 2:
Mt Olympus – LITOCHORO village

Departure for Olympus Horse Riding where we know about the horses and ride at the foot of Olympus. We walk on the river and continue for an exploration on the less known route at the bottom of the mountain, passing by chapels and enjoying the view of Thermaicos gulf and the coasts of Olympus.
We have snacks with us, and we enjoy them in nature. Return to the hotel early in the afternoon, relax and free time.
Dinner at a traditional Greek tavern
Route: Medium Difficulty
Duration: 6 – 7 (h)

DAY 3:
Mt Olympus – LITOCHORO village

We ascend to the sources of the river Enippeas in the place “Vythos” where the international path E4 passes. We visit the Maritime Museum of Litochoro and the Information Center of Olympus National Park, which is dedicated to the natural wealth of the most emblematic mountain of Greece, Olympus, for a “virtual ascent” from the foot of the mountain to its highest peaks.
Early in the afternoon we are in the gorge that crosses the river Enippeas in the place “Lakos”. There used to be small crafts here and today it is a place of recreation with restaurants and cafes. Dinner and Free time.
Route: Medium Difficulty
Duration: 6-7 (h)

DAY 4:
Leivithra Archaeological Park & Traditional Village of Old Panteleimon.

We departure by minivan to the Archaeological Park of Leivithra that is considered the birthplace and burial place of Orpheus, the most famous and gifted mystic, musician, and singer of antiquity.
Later we visit the magnetic field and Kati lake.
At noon we arrive in the traditional settlement of Paleos Panteleimon (Old Panteleimon). Tour, purchase of traditional products and souvenirs and lunch under the plane trees.
The most daring has the opportunity for paragliding. Return to Litochoro / Sweet in an old local patisserie Free time / Overnight in Litochoro
Route: Low Difficulty
Duration: 6 – 7 (h)

DAY 5:
PLATAMONAS village (Castle & Coastline)

We start by eco-friendly minivan from Litochoro and direction to Platamonas Castle (18 km)
Guided tour of the castle and its history.
Hiking: a thrilling walking tour in the castle tunnel. Stop for coffee – snacks in the “Galaria” cafe.
Cycling. We continue our route by bike parallel to the old railway line and direction to the port of Platamonas. Free afternoon for swimming.
Optional Sea Boat sailing across Olympus Riviera Dinner in a tavern by the sea.
Route: Easy to medium difficulty
Duration: 6-7 (h)

DAY 6:

Exploring Olympus, the mythical home of Zeus, starting from Dion (archeological park and museum). From the chapel of Agios Konstantinos (with picnic benches and a small fountain) a short path leads you to the gorge of Orlias, with its impressive rocks and waterfalls. Here, families, groups and children take a dip in the ponds below the waterfalls and slide on natural water slides. For the more adventurous, the adventure of descending to about 10 waterfalls begins. Dinner in traditional taverna in Dion village
Route: Medium to High Dificulty
Duration: 7-8 (h)

DAY 7:

From Litochoro, by minivan, we reach the north part of Mt Olympus in unknown small settlements. Hiking on the mythic paths of the nine Muses in the Pieria mountains.
In the small historical village of “Ano Milia” easy hiking on the path of Love (one hour journey). We admire the landscape and the rich vegetation with the chestnut trees and the plane trees, visiting picturesque chapels. In the small village of Kato Milia, we visit the Folklore Museum and a traditional cafe.
Dinner with traditional Greek cuisine and overnight in an agricultural hotel in small village of Agios Dimitrios.
Route: Low Difficulty
Duration: 5-6 (h)

DAY 8:
AGIOS DIMITRIOS village – RACHI village

Early in the morning, we prepare a traditional pie and depart by minivan to Rachi Village where we visit vineyards, have lunch at traditional house and taste wines from the slopes of Olympus Mountain. Overnight and dinner with traditional Greek cuisine at the hotel in Agios Dimitrios village.

DΑΥ 9:

From the area of Olympus, early in the morning, we arrive in Thessaloniki. Guided tour in the city ( Olympic Museum etc )
We have free time to relax at the hotel. Late in the afternoon we take the bikes, accompanied by a cyclist guide. We start from the port and reach the Megaron Concert Hall and Karabournaki, cycling along the coastal road. We learn the history of the city in the beautiful museum of the White Tower which is the characteristic building of Thessaloniki. We enjoy the view of the city and the sunset overlooking Mount Olympus.
We leave the bicycles and time for food in
Route: Low Difficulty
Duration: 2-3 (h)

DAY 10:

Introduction to the gastronomy of Thessaloniki, which recently became the first Greek city to achieve its inclusion in the Network of Creative Cities of Gastronomy of UNESCO.
Koulouri, Greek coffee or cold coffee in a historic cafe in the city, Mpougatsa, olives, extra virgin olive oils, visiting Kapani market, Modiano market, aromatic herbs and local cheeses.
Taverna for tsipouro and mezes. (greek habit)
In the afternoon free time in the city for walks and shopping.
Route: Low Difficulty
Duration: 2-3 (h)

DAY 11:

Farewell breakfast and departure to “Macedonia” airport (SKG) in Thessaloniki


Days 7 and 8 can be removed
Days 9 and 10 can be removed

Practical Information

Main type of Experience:

Adventurous for Adults & Children

Additional Experiences:

Culture, history, gastronomy

Number of nights:

6 or 8 or 10 nights / 7 or 9 or 11 days

Type of accommodation:

  • Green key awarded family Hotel
  • Farm Hotel

Starting point:

Thessaloniki, “Macedonia” (SKG) airport

Guided or Self-guided tour:

Guided with an English-speaking tour leader.Self – guided with given information in English or German language

Group size:

6 – 15 people adults (plus children)

Period / Dates:

From April to October

Price of the package:

Contact with us.


  • All kind of transportation means (eco-friendly vehicles, bikes)
  • 10 overnights (or 8 overnights), (or 6 overnights) as described with breakfast
  • Picnic meals
  • Dinner or lunch as described
  • Sweets
  • Snacks
  • Horse riding
  • Mountain leader
  • Food Tour Guide
  • Bike Guide
  • Guides
  • Bicycles
  • Museum fees
  • Cooking lessons
  • Wine tasting
  • Food tour
  • Tour guides the days it is written
  • Roadbook and maps
  • Memories gifts
  • All taxes

Not included:

  • Air tickets
  • Extra meals
  • Drinks
  • Extra options of sports (canyoning and paragliding)
  • Sea Boat sailing
  • Souvenirs
  • Tips
  • Accommodation tax per room / per night
    (aprox 3,00 to 4,00 €). According to the Greek Law, the Accommodation Tax be charged to the guest of the room through a special receipt.

Type of travelers:

Families (children 8+), young, adults, seniors in good health condition.

Accessibility options:

Families (children 8+), young, adults, seniors in good health condition.

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  • 30% prepayment of total paid amount is required for fixed-date programs at least 45 days before the program’s implementation.
  • Cancellation 21 days before the implementation day, the company reserves 10% of the total payment amount
  • Full payment is required before the program’s implementation.
  • There is extra discount, depends on the booking time.

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