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The ultimate experience. Gastronomy, Ancient Theatre, Dance, Music, combined with Greek language lessons.

Greek language courses and outdoor activities in agritourism accommodation in western Olympus.

8 nights / 9 days

Escape to the Greek countryside, in an agritourism accommodation “stuck” to the enchanting slopes of the mythical mountains of Olympus and Pieria. Where the voices of the modern rhythm of life are “silent”, get to know the “heart” of the Greek countryside and live an authentic life. Local gastronomy, wine tasting, agritourism activities, dance, music, theater, cultural traditions… and learning the Greek language, one of the oldest languages in the world that is still used today!

“Language” is the culture and the compass of the history of every people. Linguistic symbols are the “expressors” of a people’s history, thought, mentality and soul. We learn the Greek language by cooking, enjoying wine, dancing, singing, acting, hiking, through agritourism activities, countryside tours, cultural events. The program is implemented in collaboration with teachers specialized in teaching the Greek language in a practical way: Teachers who combine their love for the language with their love for culture and history “get out” of the classroom and teach the Greek language through excursions, hikes and activities. Each activity is combined with a language unit lesson that examines it holistically, learning the history and cultural aspects by penetrating the Greek “soul”. People taking part in this unique experience, learning about the language, the land, the history, the people and of course the food. Note that every Greek language course includes learning basic vocabulary, understanding the basic rules of Greek grammar, and practicing speaking and writing skills.


  • Agritourism experience Greek language school
  • Authentic cultural experience
  • Agricultural activities
  • Hiking, climbing, sightseeing Ancient theater
  • Music
  • Folklore
  • Nutrition Tour
  • Local gastronomy
  • Harmony of mind – soul – body


  • The guides and teachers are from the surrounding villages and in some cases are self-taught or transfer knowledge from their parents.
  • Environmentally friendly vehicles
  • Accommodation with bicycle and green key
  • Organic and local food products
  • Participants are small groups.
  • The cooperating companies are small and family-owned.
  • Products are mainly from the region and all wines are from local producers
  • The experiences take place in a small rural village
DAY 1:
Arrival in Thessaloniki

Arrival at SKG Thessaloniki airport. Transport by ecological vehicle or by public transport to the village of Agios Dimitrios on the southwest side of Olympus. Check-in at the hotel – a cultivated land full of wild flowers, organic crops and domestic animals-. Walk through the farm crops, swim in the pool (in the summer months) and take time to relax and meditate. Enjoy a nutritious light dinner “from the garden to our plate” with organic products. A unique culinary experience that combines organic vegetables with local delicacies. Overnight stay.

DAY 2:
Agios Dimitrios village / Agritourism

Homemade breakfast with locally produced organic products and super foods and honey. Walking to the nearby village of Agios Dimitrios and its monuments. Try pies and cookies from the local bakery. Experiential workshop: The beekeeper introduces you to the magical world of the beehive – At the same time we learn about the production of essential oils on the farm. Afternoon Greek language lesson: Familiarize yourself with Greek sounds and intonation. Read and write simple Greek words related to the environment, agritourism and Greek culture.

DAY 3:
Agios Dimitrios / Cooking

Organic homemade breakfast. Cooking class: Learn all the secrets of local gastronomy. Prepare and bake your own sourdough bread, pick fresh edible wild herbs from the farm and learn to “roll a sheet” of pie. Pick the vegetables and herbs you need from the organic gardens and prepare your own traditional farm-to-table meal. Greek Language Course: Discover the Greek language and the vocabulary hidden in the local cuisine, traditional recipes and learn about Greek eating habits. Talk about the special role of the Greek tavern and learn to order and understand a Greek menu. Dinner from “farm to plate” and a lesson in Greek traditional dances. Overnight stay.

DAY 4:
Ano Milia village

Organic handmade breakfast. Transfer to the village of Ano Milia, visit to the historical chapel of Kosmas Etolos and the church of Agia Paraskevi. Hike on the Path of Love listening to stories about the Nine Muses who, according to Greek mythology, lived in the Pierian Mountains. They were deities of music, musical instruments, dance, festivals and poetry. Dinner and relaxation. Overnight in the village of Agios Dimitrios.

RACHI Village / Cherries / Wine Tasting

Organic handmade breakfast and check out.
Transfer to the “Kourtis” winery located in the picturesque village of “Rachi”. Tasting of award-winning wines combined with local delicacies and traditional dance. We learn about the importance of wine as a cultural foundation in both ancient and modern Greece. Applying a certified method, we learn Greek by dancing and singing.
In the afternoon we reach the village of Litochoro which is the main gateway to Mount Olympus. Free time to relax. Overnight in Litochoro.

DAY 6:
Dion Village

Visit to the archaeological site of Dion, the holy city of the Ancient Macedonians. We continue by visiting the Museum of Zeus, where among other things we will admire the Plumber. This will be followed by an ancient theater class (drama or comedy) in the Ancient Park of Dio (weather permitting). Applying a certified method, we learn Greek by performing an ancient theater performance. Lunch at a local tavern. Return to Litochoro. Leisure.

DAY 7:
Archaeological Park of Levithra & Traditional Village Paleos Panteleimonas.

Walking tour of Litochoro, visit to the Maritime Museum, the monastery of Agios Dionysios, the Information Center of the Olympus National Park. Departure by minivan to. Archaeological Park of Levithra, considered the birthplace and burial place of Orpheus, the most famous and gifted mystic, musician and singer of antiquity. Applying a certified method, we learn Greek by listening and playing music. Later we visit the traditional settlement of Old Panteleimon. (Old Panteleimonas). Dinner at a local tavern under the plane trees. Overnight in Litochoro

DAY 8:
Thessaloniki / culinary tour

Breakfast with local products and arrangement.
Transport in Thessaloniki by ecological vehicle or public transport. Guided tour of the Upper Town – Eptapyrgio with a panoramic view of the city and the sea. The experienced guide will accompany you through narrow streets, arcades and unknown corners, to the ancient castles and will tell you the stories that built one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Check in at the hotel. Free time for a walk in the city of Thessaloniki.
Dinner in the city center where we see the bread making process in a built wood oven and taste fine wines from its rich cellar.
Overnight in Thessaloniki.

DAY 9:

Breakfast check out / Transfer to SKG airport.


This package can be followed without Greek language lessons. From the first of July to the end of August, the famous “Festival of Olympus ORFEO” takes place at the foot of Mount Olympus in the ancient places. If this trip takes place during this time, the visitor can attend a performance (Ancient Drama, Ancient Comedy, Concert, etc.) at the Ancient Theater in Dion (optional). In the summer, June to August, authentic traditional Greek fairs (festivals) take place in the villages of the Olympus region. If such a festival (festival) happens on this trip then we will feast and dance with the local residents. During the year, many contemporary cultural events take place in the city of Thessaloniki. During the trip you will be informed about the events you can attend. (optional)

Practical Information

Main type of Experience:

Agriculture, agritourism, Greek language seminars, cultural, heritage, workshops, sightseeing, exploration, learning, entertainment, folklore, gastronomy, easy outdoor activities.

Additional Experiences:

Strong local experience, nature

Number of nights:

8 nights / 9 days

Type of accommodation:

  • Family hotel awarded with green key
  • Boutique Hotel
  • Farm

Starting point:

Thessaloniki, “Macedonia” airport (SKG).

Guided or Self-guided tour:

Guided tour with an English/German speaking guide. Self-guided with given information in English/German language

Group size:

4 – 15 people plus children.

Period / Dates:

All year.

Price of the package:

Contact with us.


  • All types of transport
  • 8 nights as described with breakfast • 6 workshops
  • 8 Dinner or lunch as described
  • Snacks when listed
  • Tour guide for the days of writing • Museum fees
  • Snack
  • Wine tasting
  • Greek Language School
  • Cooking lessons
  • Nutrition Tour
  • Agricultural workshops
  • All taxes
  • Road book and maps

Not included:

  • Air tickets
  • Additional meals
  • Beverages
  • Souvenirs
  • Tips
  • Accommodation tax €3.00 per room / per night. According to Greek legislation, the Accommodation Tax is charged to the guest of the room through a special receipt.

Type of travelers:

Families (children 8+), youth, adults, seniors

Accessibility options:

Families (children 8+), youth, adults, seniors

Send us a message with your request

We will send you our best proposal.


  • A prepayment of 30% of the total amount paid is required for fixed date programs at least 45 days prior to program implementation.
  • Cancellation 21 days before the day of implementation, the company retains 10% of the total payment amount.
  • Full payment is required prior to program implementation.
  • There is an additional discount, it depends on the time of booking.

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